Riot, we need to talk about Zoe...

Riot, I just heard of your upcoming patch, 8.17, and it seems that once again your nurfing Zoe and calling it a “mini-rework”, for what reason, hell if I know. Honestly I’m okay if you change the numbers and scalings on her abilities but now your just being mean for no reason, taking off her E’s trap affect....really, her skill shots are narrow already as it is and something that may guarantee a possible hit or add to the play making/outplay potential that she has your just gonna take it away. I’m not even gonna say anything about her Q cause you guys are just out right nurfing the numbers and dmg on it, only thing u haven’t touched but of course you had to change that huh... Now for her W. What’s this the 3rd time now that your chopping off some of its dmg, are you guys trying to make it hit as hard as Lisandra’s auto-attacks? Keep it up Riot, here’s an idea maybe on the next patch after 8.17 you can completely remove the 3 bolts, increase the spawn time for bubble minions AND add a cooldown timer for it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ....cause clearly that’s the direction your taking it. ~fuckers~ ๐Ÿ™„ And lastly her let’s see if I got this right. Your taking out the vision it gives and your making the jump time longer ๐Ÿง. Hmmm now, Riot idk what idiot came up with her bug induced ult in the first place but it was a stupid ass idea. Do you know what we, the very small amount of people who play Zoe call her ult? We call it “A fucking useless setup”. You can’t use it to escape jack shit, late/mid game if u use it to poke and the enemy has an assassin and cc or everyone on the enemy team attacks you, guess what, you die, pretty awesome fuckin ult huh ๐Ÿ™ƒ. The only mobility Zoe has is from after using a summoner spell or her W, and from the way it’s looking y’all might take that out too just cause. Now you wanna make it so that her ult DOESN’T give vision AND it keeps us in ult animation longer, why? So the enemy can kill is better, faster? If you do anything for Zoe in this “mini-rework” get rid of that shit ult, your taking everything else might as well give back something for once. Give her a blink, an actual portal hop, something like that with a CD timer, like what she actually does and not a fuckin set up. Now I know people are gonna say “maybe you should land your skill shots and stop bitching cause clearly she’s broken and needs the nurf” that I say no. Y’all have people like Akali, Yasuo, Syndra, Rangar, Kayn, Annie, etc cause this list can go on and on. Some of those people have skill shots and others are point and click, but they all do 100 to 0 dmg and guess what, you do nothing with them, shit some of those people are getting buffed but guess what those champs are okay, they balanced but Zoe, naaah she gotta get nurf. Just stop Riot, stop nurfing Zoe, give her an ult that ISN’T a useless set up and actually work on the champs that are being reworked.... I might be just 1 person but other Zoe players probably feel the same way I feel man, just fix your shit Riot
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