can we play a balanced game like old league?

seriously its being more boring than staying at old balanced seasons than stay in those 3 last seasons because its not funny getting one shoted by early levels can we get the original game back? because riot your doing a lot of mistakes and you realize it then why you telling us that you are balancing the game?like runes masteries are destroying the game and the most of reworks im pretty sure that you care that people will leave league of legends if you dont release new things but they should realize that some new things are horible decision to balance the game for example akali rework electrocute as a keystone and lethality sinergize well to one shot people even on early levels even if they take armor in few seconds and a buffed zed with no counterplay on hes ulti seriously this game is horible since season 6 or maybe at fiora rework in my opinion and why riot still talks about ranked system like there where more problems than the champions balance? riot honesly you disapointed me so much those last 3 seasons and now i understand why my old friends are gone even if i acsintentaly deleted all my friends but even when i got some close friends in my life they dont played league for a long time since mid season 6 now i realize why my friends stops playing league is getting boring items sucks specially at colors i liked more the old panthom dancer than the new one same to yommus infinity edge last wisper static shiv when people where able to choose a lot of playstyle runes and game was balanced and now we see the same unbalanced boring things i dont know what champion to play is boring my favorite champions like katarina fiora quinn rengar got reworked same to graves and caitlyn but why mainers like zed mains or draven can still have the old favorite champion?i really dont understand and i dont hope that riot will listen even if we talk to her but just wanted to tell that this game isnt at the best balance state and is not fun to play any more in my opinion.
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