I wish flash wasn't a neccessity.

I remember when we didn't have flash, and Summoners spells were actually situational. Wish we could have that again, where we could actually have 2 situational summoner's spells instead of 1. Maybe a 3rd summoner's item to the game would make things interesting (Or a complete hard nerf to flash, I wouldn't mind that). please read my edit before commenting. ______________________________ edit: too many people are misunderstanding my post. I like flash, its a fun item. I never in my post stated that it should be removed, but it should be nerfed so that it isn't a must-take in every single game. A good nerf to flash would be something like, disabling champs from flashing over walls. I don't mind flash being used offensively, but it provides too much defensive stats to champs that shouldn't have it.

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