PSA: Winning Does NOT Nullify Toxic Behavior

Ever had to put up with an annoying toxic, game ruining individual all game, just to win it through some miracle and be told "you won so who cares?" Well, this Syndra in my previous game (which was ranked) spammed GG all game. She walked into my lane (Top) demanded i go mId, and when i told her to go back to her lane, she stole CS, and then proceeded to get murdered, this is after giving 2 kills to riven (who went mid). Every time she died she spammed "I told you it was GG" all game. She threatened to afk on multiple occasions, and made the game a living hell. if it were not for our jinx, we would have lost. and when a little bit of hope for the game came, she then began to call us all noobs, and verbally abuse the team for sucking, and not listening to her every word. We asked to just report her for trolling us. the enemy team responded. We won the game, and guess what happened? "well you won, so it doesn't matter." Here's the deal: _**IT DOES MATTER**_ Winning the game doesn't suddenly make all the shit this player put her team through A-ok. No, this person made it her mission to make the game a HORRIBLE, unfun, and frustrating time for everyone on her team. and we managed to pull through without much help from her. we had to pull her weight, and endure her horrible attitude for 40 minutes. It was so bad, the win didn't even feel good because we won, but because I wouldn't have to see this person again. and you know what? I can almost guarantee she will do this to others. the reason we report isn't because of salt. We report because that person broke the rules of the game, and made another player's experience a living hell, and in this case, because i know that this person will do it again, and cost a LOT of MMR for innocent players, until somebody steps up and punishes them. **TL:DR read the title **
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