Iam sorry @Riot, but these jungle change is stupid has hell.

The only thing you don't seem to remember its your own mistake apparently. You already nerfed the jungle exp and put these stupid scuttler changes and for 5 season in a row for what ? Preventing junglers to stop ganging level 3 and what happened they ganked level 2. And this it's not the first time you destroy the jungler it seem that there is no junglers in your playtesteam. if iam a {{champion:5}} now I will just Perma sit on top side steal the most xp has I can and Perma gank my toplane because I know farming in my jungle is not worth anymore. You removed feral flare and Devourer because you didint want jungler to afk farm in their jungle and gank more and now you dont want them to gank anymore but stay in their jungle what do you want exactly ? Iam going to tell you what you have done you basicaly made the jungler a second support. Farming is not worth anymore when some little crybaby will come to reddit and post that they are getting perma ganked level 1 you will say to yourself "OmG HoW iS ThAt pOsIbLe We mAdE a cHaNge LaSt pAtCh lololol" instead of nerfing those {{champion:164}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:5}} because they are the real problem you just ruined the jungle for other champ who strugling already. But since you never learn from your mistakes you will keep having this jungle problem and keep nerfing jungle until everyone will just afk gank and steal the exp of the laners and passicly just become a second support and no more jungler :)
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