Phreak on Champion Base Stats

On League of Legends Base Stats
You can find these yourself at:
The TL;DW of this video, although it's a good vid and highly recommend watching: * There's no real way to tell "how" tanky someone is because all you see is an HP bar (A 5k HP Ashe is less tanky than a 3k HP Rammus, for example) * Base Stats wildly fluctuate and don't always make sense. (Supports have the worst magic damage defense like Rakan and Braum) * Base Stats only had work put into them in the start of the game's life. (2009 or so) * Base Stats can help push champions towards intended roles. (Ekko with low defense stats prevents tank Ekko) * In his ideal design, there are a handful of "Templates" for stats (Tank, Bruiser, ADC, etc) * HP, HP/lvl and HP regen are the main fine-tuning area. Don't have much to say. Just thought the video was pretty neat.
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