Dislike the State of ADC's in League of Legends at the Moment.

Although I haven't been playing LoL for too long, (2 years) I feel playing ADC in the game is not enjoyable (for me) right now. I understand that they nerfed Crit ADC's due to them being a bit too powerful early on, but I feel this was a bit too hard. I still also understand that they can scale up late game, but the fact that now a bruiser in the ADC position will easily beat them early game is what I find annoying. At this point, we might as well have ADC's go top and farm all game and bruisers go ADC with the support. Nobody has to agree with my opinion, but as an ADC main who mostly only plays crit ADC's I don't enjoy playing ADC at the moment. (This could just mean I need to play the meta ADC champions, but I really do not enjoy playing any of the current meta ADC's except Kai'Sa.)
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