How about bringing back junglers to...well, Jungle?

Remember the time where Junglers farmed monster and took epic ones as objectives? Today they farm toplaners and take botlane as the objective. You can't deny it; junglers don't need to farm anymore to be impactful, they just need to start ganking/camping lanes at 3 minutes to be relevant. This feels horribly wrong since everything that happens in the game while in the laning phase is just relevant to the jungler: you can't fight your opponent laner at all without fearing getting ganked in return, so its almost a must to wait for your jungler early. You can't push at all at top since its basically asking to get ganekd by the enemy jungler. There's little to no lane duels because of this, so please, bring back the Junglers to farm more in their jungle, since its their place. Perma-ganking shouldn't exist Edit: Wow, this thread really got split in half... on one side we have laners who are sick of being dependant of their jungler to do anything, and on the other we have the junglers who quite enjoy the fact that they lead the game. I admit, the jungle seemed pretty boring before when compaired to today's jungle, but giving you guys more fun shouldn't mean that laners (top and mid, mainly) should rely completely on you to have theirs, hency why Riot should find a middle ground
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