Riot would you take a. God. Damn. Hint!? On your own post for the new Star Guardian Little Legends, I counted how many positive comments there were; how many people liked the new little legends. Out of the entire board there, out of every single comment on there, you had **1 positive comment** **Only one person liked this, and it was probably just sarcasm because it said: "OH MY GOD IM SO EXCITED RIOT PLEASE STOP TAKING ALL MY MONEY IM SO POOR"** Riot would you take a god damn hint and just let us buy the Little Legends we want!? We DO NOT want to gamble for something so small, yet so needlessly expensive! If they were significantly less expensive and had a lot less variance to them (For example, gambling for the creature you want, not just a family of 3 creatures at their forms) then I would actually buy them. For example, if you made an egg called the "Silverwing Egg" and priced it at 150 RP, then I would 100% buy that, and I would 100% buy multiples. There's less RNG since it's now only 1/6 rather than a 1/18 chance of getting the legend I want, and it would be affordable to the point where I actually feel good about giving money for it.
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