Guys we are all looking at Damage meta wrong!

Damage meta is SUPER FUN! All you have to do is farm for 15 minutes and then surrender! Riot Games saw that everyone loves Farming Simulator, so they changed the game to farming simulator! Farm for 15 minutes, watch as one of your side lanes lose miserably or your mid lane has absolutely no pressure or your jungle doesn't know how to jungle. Then lose! Because Damage isn't the issue. Nope, the issue is actually that games are still taking too long, Riot sees games that go on for 30-40 minutes and assume that every game must be like that in all elos. Because if the pros are going to 30-40 minutes every single game that MUST mean that everyone else can get to 30-40 minute games. Even though solo queue players don't get the same resources as pro players, no real comms, no way to really say or tell your team what the game plan is, everyone has to be on the same page with the same thought process.

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