Love it, from Gold 5 to Bronze 1

I played Flex queue when it came out right away and got placed gold 5, since then I played some games and cause of the messed up queue's I kept getting placed with different elo's whether it was playing with Diamonds or against them, I lost around 4 games in a row at one point cause of this, I wasn't too mad cause I still slowly climbed. Then today I logged in and saw you had to play one more to get ranked. I said, meh okay I'll play it and probably get placed back in gold 5 right? Oh boy was I wrong! I played the game, once again getting ranked with people who are no where near the normal elo I am at, and lost. What rank did I get? Bronze 1. I was put a complete league below the one I was given prior. I don't think this is correct. My rank in season 6 was Silver 1, nearly gold. Im not saying I am the best player, I am just saying that since they made the mistake with this flex queue, why not just reset the stats completely? Would've been a lot easier, and would've saved a lot of players, such as myself, time. Now I have no more motivation nor interest in playing Flex queue because of this, nor will I be playing it because of it. I've played this game since the beginning, and put up with several game breaking bugs, none of those have ever really bothered me because I knew Riot would fix them, but this, this bothers me ten-fold. If the system isn't ready to release, don't release it. Don't waste player's, like mine, time.
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