Hi, I'm colorblind and I can't last hit minions like I used to do before SR visual update.

Hi Summoners, After the new visual updates to the game I can't last hit like I used to do before because of the new particles of ranged minions. Especially on the red side since you have the brownish/greenish ( sorry if it is another color actually I always had problems with colors it is just how I see it :p ) texture and there are the red particles floating on the green background which is really hard to distinguish. I have to put all my focus on those particles to be able to see all of them and observe which minion/minions are they going to hit which makes me a worse player overall since I sacrifice my attention on minimap, enemy player and overall what is going on in the game just to farm. I didn't have such problems on the previous SR since the particles were very bright, bigger and easy to distinguish. Now I feel like I have a disadvantage over other players just because of my colorblindness. Anybody else having similar problems? Is there any hope for better particles for ranged minions? :( Edit: Thanks everyone who up voted and commented below for their support, it means a lot to me!
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