3-7 in my last 10 ranked games, getting ACE or MVP almost every game, can't climb, please help

Same thing as last season. Entire team throwing like crazy, and I can't win no matter how well I play. I've watched dozens and dozens of tutorial videos (probably hundreds) over the years, I just can't seem to climb or win with more consistency no matter what I do or how many adjustments I make to my gameplay. According to op.gg, I'm getting ACE or MVP in almost every single game, but it's not translating into wins. What on earth can I do about this? I'm really honestly trying to win and climb but it seems impossible. I've been grinding away at this for multiple seasons but can't seem to get anywhere. If I'm not better than the elo I'm currently in, why is op.gg saying that my performance is best on my team almost every game??? And before you say dodge to avoid trolls... if I did that, I would literally have to dodge 7 or 8 times for every game I'd actually play, and even then I wouldn't win all games. And if you think I'm exaggerating, no I'm not exaggerating.
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