@Riot You're not going to have anyone to watch Worlds if you have no more players.

Maybe you should stop gutting peoples' champions to make #LC$BIGPLAYZZZZ more exciting. Maybe you should stop making all these ***awful*** balance decisions 100% based around proplay. Because guess what? You can try to make LCS as exciting as you possibly can but still nobody is going to watch it ***if there are no players.*** Lets be honest. LoL has peaked and is falling off now. I doubt we will ever see the day where LoL outright dies, but its on the decline for sure. I'm sure LoL will still be around in a similar manner as WoW is. You've made too many decisions that shafted your actual players. Enforced miserable metas that everyone despised. Gutted champ after champ 100% based on them seeing the LCS stage while other BIGPLAYZZZZ makers get a pass. There has been a refusal to listen to feedback. I am well aware that not everything that is flavor of the month to complain about is actually a good idea, but you cant just ignore them all because of some bad apples. This is on top of the scandals of the past month where you have chosen to promote a sexist environment against your female employees and responded with sexism against your male players. The game has become a toxic cesspool as people become increasingly more and more dissatisfied with the state of the game. Soft inting still goes unpunished. Any toxicity that isnt in chat short of buying 5 tears and actually running it down mid still goes unpunished. Meanwhile someone is risking their account by snapping at inters even though they've played hundreds or thousands of games. Your own employees aren't even held to the same Summoner Code you demand of your players anymore. The game has become stale. If we're being 100% honest, a good chunk of this is just due to fatigue. LoL is almost a decade old now. Games are decided too early and forced into a fast and furious playstyle. Traditionally late game champs cannot exist anymore without some sort of early game buff to keep them relevant, defeating the playstyle of late game champs altogether. Games like PUBG, Overwatch, Fortnite, etc have been slowly chipping away at your numbers as unsatisfied players are looking for something new to fill the void. You don't communicate with us anymore. I'm aware that the subreddit and this board can be like a minefield sometimes but that doesnt mean you can just ignore us. You've lost your player's affection and respect as you've grown. You've went from a company that would communicate what was going on even if it meant being disagreed with sometimes to a generic, stoic big box company with no soul. You send secret messages to your employees that forbid them from talking about certain subjects with us. You let employees hurl insults at the community as a whole. You would rather just let things blow over than attempt to defend your actions. Its a shame. I have been playing since the beginning of season 3. I have 2200 hours played and $1200 invested and I just cant be bothered to log in anymore. The magic of the game is gone for me. I used to log in every weekend to play with my irl friends. We used to have to play with 2 teams because there were too many of us. Now, ***not a SINGLE one of them*** plays the game anymore. I dont even recognize 90% of the people on my friends list anymore. # Tl;dr Way too many decisions that have been harmful to the playerbase have been favored just for LCS. Toxicity is rampant as people become increasingly more dissatisfied with the game and while being too easy to evade bans. The company has lost its soul as it has grown. Rioters are not held to the same summoner code we are at all. The magic is gone.
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