Forget morde, rework trynd first for the love of god

This is the most dishonest champ that ive ever had to play against in the history of this game. His Passive: A passive built on crit, really? up to 35% crit at max fury. This means a trynd can LITERALLY rely upon luck to kill you as long as he gets a few lucky crits early. His W: A crippling slow that is basically a death sentence for anyone caught out 1v1 with it. The supposed "counterplay" to this is to TURN BACK AROUND to the trynd who has already gapclosed onto you with his E in the HOPES that the frame that he casts it is the same frame that youve turned around. But oh? You thought that the end of this one? He also reduces the AD of everyone in range by FUCKING EIGHTY at max rank. AND ENTIRE ITEMS WORTH OF AD removed because trynds W key is intact. His E: A gapclose. He has a disgusting slow, but now there's the gapclose to deal with. I would have no problem with this if its CD didnt decrease every time he crits something. So a slow and a low CD gapclose. What does this mean? Infinite vacuum baby. If you don't have atleast two ways to escape this caveman of a champ you're out of luck. God forbid you dont have ANY escape tools like an AD or mage. and finally his R: Invincibility, a skill that should really only exist on supports, if ANYONE. You outplayed him perfectly even avoiding his gapclose and slow? Too bad, Tryndamere has 5 seconds of inviciblity. You caught him out and are hoping for a pick? Too bad, Tryndamere can use it while CC'd. You just want to save the turret from the caveman thats clubbing all your turrets down? Too bad, youre getting dove if you stay because Tryndamere has R. Oh, and in essence it basically does the EXACT SAME THING levels 1-3 so he doesnt even need to level it His Q is the only thing that I can really say is balanced in his kit because its relatively lackluster in comparison to the rest of his abilities. Playing against tryndamere is not fun. Beating trynd in lane and having to babysit him anyways with no chance to kill him because of R/E is not fun
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