I find it hilarious that people think top laners complain too much.

So tell me how in a role where I constantly played 1v2 and 1v3s in my lane last game, still ended up winning my lane, setting my laner as well as their jungler behind, roaming and helping my mid laner take his turret after having taken mine, I could still lose the game because we didn't have a single fucking dragon by 20 minutes, and my jungler refused to even bother contesting the herald despite me telling him to help me take the same when we had the chance? Games like these (and you find an unlimited stream of such matches when you play top) make me inclined to believe that people who think top lane is fine are as illiterate on how top works as my 70 year old grandma would be if told to operate a smartphone. Top lane is the only role where you can do everything right and still lose the game. You can win lane, draw their jungler's attention to the point where he starts to camp you, and even take the herald by yourself. Those aren't even challenges but the moment you get a shit jungler or a bot lane which loses without the slightest presence of jungle pressure, you're fucked and realize your team no longer has any agency on how the map is going to be played out.
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