Question- How will the ability scaling of Aphelios play out?

So I was thinking about the balancing of champions, and how quickly Riot produced two new champions with really diverse kits in the time they did. I started reading on Aphelios' kit and balancing abailites became a question. So.. because how his kit actually works.. he really only has 3 abilities. My first question is leveling up, and spending skillpoints. Does Aphelios only level 3 abilities, or 4? Honestly the whole kit is a bit much to read and I'll probably permaban him anyways because the counterplay is going to be a headache.. anyways.... I didn't read his individual abilites for this reason. I'm still curious though, because if it is 3 abilities, then that would mean 6 points each, or something more exaggerated, making scaling another thing to balance. Also- another issue I have is what seems to be complexity. He seems complicated. And I just see a lot of issues, and then Riot spending dumb amounts of time trying to figure out how to tweak this or that to make him work correctly. He seems like a junkyard rust bucket station wagon where replacing one part just makes another part busted. Thoughts? Answers? SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME SANITY QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ
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