I seriously do not understand why AP Kai'sa is allowed to do the things she's doing.

900 health shield, 5000 unit dash, lock on isolation one shot ability, 1000 damage passive because I'm playing a bruiser, invisibility, insane fucking healing, etc. Like it what realm of possibilities is this "fun" to play against? She's a one man team every single time I play against her. Nerf her AP ratio's in her passive and Q, she's also got too much fucking mobility and has the potential of 1v2ing in lane because of how much shit she's got going for her in her kit. Normally, I don't bitch and complain about a champion being overloaded, but this has just gone on for WAY to long, any streamer I've ever watched since her release has bitched about her, so why are you not taking action? Because she hasn't made it to the front page of Reddit? That's not logical. Total damage dealt: https://i.imgur.com/UmApQzx.png Total healing done: (Healed more than my Soraka). https://i.imgur.com/MB0XLb7.png Total magic damage dealt: https://i.imgur.com/oXYnde8.png Now of course, any champion would do this if they were 32/6, but it just seems that she does so much damage early game, that she just snowballs out of control. She has no weak point in stages of the game, it's just "I do fuck tons of damage regardless of how many items I have". To me, Kai'sa is the definition of "power creep". I'm not even trying to be irrational here, but it's legit every time I have one in my game, being on my team or the other, she just solo wins the game because of how much she has going for her.
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