Is Rek'Sai the weakest champion in the game?

I never really wanted to try her out because every time I've had her on my team she did poorly and every time I was against her she did poorly. But I thought to myself, maybe she's just really hard to play and that's why everyone does so bad when they play her. Then I decided to try her out and I played 5 games with her today. Even though my ganks were amazing (or, would have been amazing, if I was playing any other jungler) and I came in at just the right time with the right angle, it didn't matter how well I could gank. Rek'Sai simply lacks the damage to have an impact and her knockup just isn't enough to justify a gank. I felt really weak and pretty much couldn't do anything because I just don't have any damage even though I was building warrior. I don't understand the point of this champion. How is she strong at all? What is she good at? How is she better than Shyvana or Vi? Am I missing something?
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