Why did Rito change Maokai and Nautilus, only to make Galio do what they originally do?

Nautilus was able to free shove waves with E aoe. Rito nerfed his E damage in 6.5 and his E mana cost in 7.8, now with these nerfs as well as sunfire nerf he is sitting at a 45% win rate, trashed. Meanwhile we have Galio aoe waveclearing from range, his Q waveclear is so good that he is able to build full tank and still be played mid. Then we have Maokai's ultimate getting reworked into a shitty version of Nami R. why? >This update's about establishing strategies and situations where you really want Maokai, as well as ones where you really don't. We're shaving away generic strengths like Vengeful Maelstrom and its damage reduction aura, and replacing them with situationally-powerful tools like Nature's Grasp Rito thought Maokai's R giving damage reduction was too generic so now he gets Nami wave instead. Meanwhile Galio gets this generic ult that can be fits in all kinds of strategy and situation. How does this make any sense?

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