Maybe people DIDN'T want bot lane to be addressed?

Like, why did the climate on the boards go a full fucking 180 from hating being crit for 1k damage to sucking Tristana's toes and begging her to return? Like...didn't you guys WANT for marksmen to not be the lifeblood of *every fucking team comp in the game like they've been for the greater half of a decade?* Isn't that what people were screaming for Riot to change? Why is everyone turning on the decision NOW after marksmen are *finally* not 100% mandatory on every team comp? I'm not crazy saying that I believe that's what people wanted, right? For marksmen to FINALLY not be kingpin of the game like they've been for over half a decade, right? I'm not crazy when I say that people said the "ADCIN2017LOL" meme was just marksmen complaining out of pocket after it transpired, even though it was a *lil bit* true, right? Like, do we REALLY want to shoot ourselves in the feet and go back to marksmen dominating the entire meta and everyone's priorities again, with "Protect Kog" comps and 4 man bot lane dives (they still do the dives anyway)? Are we REALLY trying to do that?
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