Fix the ranking system Rito.

Over the past 2 years, I've come to realize how busted the ranking system is for league. You could win 9/10 placement games, carrying your team and being positive KDA for the most part, and get bronze 5 (speaking from experience on more than one occasion.) And the grind to raise past bronze is, time-consuming, irritating, and boring. And the matchups for the players placed on your team compared to the ones on the other don't make sense. For example, you could get the one fizz in all of League history that actually feeds on your team, and a janna mid that goes 30/0. As to how that happens, idk, I always thought that you were paired with, and against people of your same skill level. To give some perspective, my duo partner and I have done 12 games in the past day, and lost 8 of those, in a row. He's Silver III, and I am Bronze II. My partner mains mid, and about 95% of the time, he totally destroys his lane opponent. and due to lack of communication, the other lanes let their opponent roam, and get fed off of him and myself (because i'm usually the jgler). We fall way behind the other team, and get blamed for losing the game, and derank because we can't win a game due to stupid decisions made by teamates. We've been stuck in the same division for almost a week now, because we can't get cooperative teams, or thrown a bone the size of a t-rex's skull like the opposite team has. Now, I'm not sure if it pairs us with people of his skill level, or mine, but I seriously hope at this point, it's random, because I can't fathom how we are as terrible as our teammates seem to be. I could just be ranting at this point, but I honestly think something, or multiple things, need to change. having a support taking kills from our adc and our top lane leaving a riven to roam and get fed hardly seems like ranked behavior, more like something people do in bots. At this point, ranked doesn't seem worth it, because I do not have the time, or patience to deal with it. Spending a week just trying to get out of bronze II and Silver III shouldn't be as painful as it is.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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