I've been stuck at Gold IV 0 LP for over 300 games, should I just give up?

Seriously, I'm sick and tired of playing ranked just be thrown into a team where I make no difference on the outcome of the game, I have over 30 mastery 7 champions, none of which I'm good at, I just got them BECAUSE, a couple games ago I played my most played champion {{champion:85}} with almost 900k mastery points and went 9/5 but our Yasuo afk'd half way through the game and we wound up losing because I was the only lane fed, I received absolutely NO ganks, I got fed all by myself, but it still made no difference, whatsoever. Do you know what it's like being placed with people who don't know how to build {{item:3140}} against {{champion:90}} , or perhaps being OVER 200 LEVELS higher than the people you are facing, and possibly spending more time with this game than most masters players? I sure do, and it's awful. You're reminded every time you jump into a game with friends how much you hate your life playing this game. I know this sounded like a rant, but I'm genuinely curious on how smurfs actually climb in this elo hell. (This isn't gold, this is silver) I know when my team is being stupid fighting in the jungle not getting objectives and when I go get objectives the enemy team just five man dives me while my team sits around mid lane doing god knows what. I'm so quitting this game when WoW classic comes out, but in the mean time, SHOULD I JUST GIVE UP ON CLIMBING?

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