Shaco ap is stupid

i lost most games against shaco ap, can literally penta if you try to kill him and if you dont he is just gonna sneak up behind your team, place a box in the middle, fear everyone and do lots of damage. You can never chase him, he has invisibility on his q that lasts 300 years in late game, you can't walk anywhere even with sweepers cause he can just spam boxes and if you try to kill him or bait him in he either goes invisible or one shots you if you kill the clone. Will he ever get a rework? I think his kit is stupid and some small or big chances should happen. Kill him early game once because he has a high cd on q and his boxes and after level 6 you are just gonna walk into boxes and get killed by them. Shaco top is even worse since you can't chase him as i said. I literally had a game where i walked into a brush and just 1 box got me to 30 hp form 2000+ and the fear makes it even worse . I tried not chasing him but he can literally get free poke since if you defend yourself he is just gonna escape. Had a game where a yummi+shaco combo almost carried (1vs5 and my team was super fed and we almost lost) {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}}
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