I think Riot's testing something with the missions...

Both 5-man missions. The one two weeks ago was the all-melee team. The one this week is the all-teleport one. Both seem like trolling ones, right? Well. Most of us found the 5 melee team to be surprisingly easy (as far as I know of, at least), and I believe the all-teleport one will be found to be easy, too. But that's not what I'm talking about here. Well...it is. Kinda. To understand what I'm getting at, let's look at the boards. There was one primary complaint around the time they would have been making the missions: Marksmen are mandatory. Even when they sucked ass, they were still mandatory. And before, there was a similar complaint about flash. Everyone thinks marksmen are mandatory. Everyone thinks flash is mandatory. ...What if Riot's collecting data on whether or not this is actually true? With the melee mission, it showed that it's possible. Riot saw this, and likely determined that it is possible for non-ranged teams to win. With the current mission, it's going to require that the jungler not have flash (as a jungler is absolutely incapable of not having flash). It's likely going to be proven to be true as well. It's also possible that this is Riot's way of showing to us _first-hand_ that these things are false. Which sounds more convincing? Them simply saying "no, guys, trust me. Marksmen aren't mandatory", or them having us _prove it to ourselves_, by having us _win without any ranged champions at all?_ Just some thoughts of mine. Make of them what you will.
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