How to fix Marksman

I have been watching LEC and LCK and played the game for 8 years, participated in competitive play, and all the marksman including pros are complaining about SoloQue at all levels. Marksman are way too team dependent. I watched Imaqtpie Video "RIOT ASKED ME HOW TO FIX ADC". He is on to something. Make some of the Marksman items cheaper. The ADC items are fine they just need to be cheaper to scale. I've noticed i'll have 50-100 cs in my games over my opponent's and not make an impact in the game. My tanks and fighters will call marksman useless in game. My friends laughed on their Fighters/ Assassins and Mages and say "who cares if the enemies marksman fed. Don't worry i can 2 shot her." Mages can 2 - 3 shot marksman without completed items, and fighters will 2 shot marksman with 1 completed item. Marksman take way too long to scale and this is how you can give marksman a fighting chance in our games: ** Updates needed: ** **Make specific zeal items cheaper:** Rapid firecannon Runaan's Hurricane cheaper Changes needed: Update Statikk Shiv ( weak item / add value to this item) Update last whisper items ( Add value / Currently doesn't impact the game ) This will help marksman and tanks. Marksman and Tanks go hand and hand. We need each other in the game. Marksman needs a front line, resources, and / or engage. This alone gives Tanks value and be more playable . This will give us a fighting chance against all this damage we have to deal with in the game. I don't mind being 2-3 shot as long as i have a fighting chance to fight back.
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