Stomp or be stomped - it's just not fun anymore

Ya know, once in a while something like a twenty kill difference at 19 minutes is something that can happen. But every single game? I'm seriously sick of it. If you are winning the game is lame as hell because you just farm the enemy champions for gold. And losing sucks even harder because why should you even bother when your chances to turn the game around are abyssimal low? Not to mention that this causes quite some toxicity, which I find is reaching an all time high by now, even worse than in the last weeks of the season. Extreme snowballing does not make games fun in any way. Knowing that you will lose by minute 13? Yeah, some weeks I go I would have laughed about that, said "just don't surrender, keep fighting". But right now? Usually at minute 14/15 I can tell when a game is lost - and although I try my best to work against that in more than 85% my prediction is correct - in the other cases the enemy team had a DC or started playing like total retards. If that are the only things you can hope for when you get only slightly behind, then there has to be a massive flaw in the design of the game. Also, what the hell? I never asked for shorter or stompier games and I don't know anyone with even half of a brain who would have wanted this. The charm of league is, or rather was, that it can be unpredictable and the power between the teams can shift several times in a single game. That the matchmaking system tends to cause streaks in both losses and wins is not really helping with that either. A streak of stomping wins? Well, ok. A streak of losses where every game has been murderous stompfest? Pretty much ruins the mood of even the most motivated players, leading to more toxicity, leading to more ruined games due to toxic players, leading to more toxicity, etc I might go and settle with another game until Riot fixes this mess, as right now league is no fun, neither in losing OR in winning.
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