what playing league feels like right now

40% of my games my teamates are so fed that it doesn't matter if I play well or play poorly, I feel like I have no impact on the game whatsoever. 40% of my games, me teamates are so unaware that it doesn't matter if I start out 6-0-3 and try to make roams and etc, becuase they constantly throw the game and no matter what I do I'm trying to win with numbers disadvantage all game. the last 20% of the game.. are fun for the first 25 minutes, then from there on out it's so on the margin that the slightest mistake turns the game in the other teams favor, back and forth, until the biggest mistake is made and it's game over. like... I'm not enjoying the game. Honestly every game I feel compelled to leave game because I'm just sitting there for 20-40 minutes of not having fun. I don't of course, I'm not that kind of person, but the game just isn't fun right now, the majority of the time even if I'm doing well I feel irrelevant to my fate. even if I'm doing poorly I feel like it doesn't even matter to affect the outcome. anyone else feel this way? anyone have advice on making league fun again? sincerely, tilted n00b.
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