Is the whole subclass of Juggernauts an unfair concept?

I honestly don't feel as though having the ability to pump out damage equal to that of a squishy carry while building off tank is a fair concept in any respect. Juggernauts are too well rounded and although, people say "oh they lack mobility", doesn't mean they aren't fast and don't have mean of getting onto you. At the end of the day 1v1'ing a Juggernaut is something that is inevitable, your team can't always be there to back you up to rotate between these giant damage dealing tanks, and you are forced to wait for death. No matter what lead you build, no matter how well you have played in order to ensure this Juggernaut doesn't become a problem, they always do. The mixture of cheap tank Items, high base / %health damage, ridiculous tank mysteries, decent movement speed, along with effective CC will never produce a game that is balanced. This is especially true when the other classes have clear weaknesses that glare out and give you the opportunity for counter play. "ADC In 2K17" is no joke, yes ADCs have damage, a lot of damage, especially when looking at Vayne / Draven / Caitlyn. However I'm pretty sure it is generally accepted when you get on to an adc (by that I mean in close proximity), the likelihood of them dying increases by an insane amount and that is where most of the counter play comes from, (maybe a little more is needed for champs such as Vayne or Ezreal). Therefore being able to kite and position is a key requirement to being an effective ADC. Yet still even if you are good at that role someone like {{champion:120}} {{{champion:39}} will destroy you. I thought the role of Juggernauts would mean they hit their power spikes much later due to how well their kits seem to perform, but after the first back, after that first Sunfires, they are invincible, you either have to play passive and wait to get destroyed underneath your weak tower that seems to do no damage to them, or you have to get your jungler to sit you, which impacts the other lanes negatively. For me personally, I like to play Ekko and Kindred, they have good mobility but at the end of the day they need to get close to deal their damage. I often find when playing Ekko against a champ such as Renekton, I am completely useless, the poke you have is already weak and due to his innate sustain in lane I have to focus on getting an early kill or building a decent Cs lead while allowing for my jungler to gank. I can build a lead that would allow for me to stomp against any other class, but Juggernauts... Nope. If I build defensive I and my team lose out, if I build damage to prioritise targets such as the adc it still doesn't change the fact that I still have to fight the juggernaut and since I am borderline useless against them, I have to rely solely on my team to deal with that. I do not mind this at all, I have no problem with teamwork and LOL is a team oriented game, but where I am unable to deal with a single class, despite doing so well, that is where my qualms lie. The idea of having to counter pick classes just so you don't lose is not counter play in the slightest. It takes the fun out of the game and not just this, it is impossible to do in blind pick, which I like to play as it allows me to learn more. Counter play is more to do with having to incorporate tactics such as teamwork/ builds / fighting techniques to perform better overall. With Juggernauts there honestly is no such thing; like I said for ADCs their weak point is getting pinned down, they are vulnerable to burst and CC, with Juggernauts their only glaring weakness is having range and getting kited - not every champ has this and it just gives them such an advantage against other champs that aren't also Juggernauts, if they don't have range they can't fight you. What am I able to do against a Nasus that has a disgusting perma slow + attack speed debuff, insane tanking abilities, insane lifesteal capabilities that scale with the damage dealt and does damage equal to a full rotation of abilities with a single Q? I get it, fight as a team, but then again developing champs that can only be dealt with effectively with a 5 man is number one, not balanced, two assuming they are constantly out of position and not team-fighting and three a dumb concept. They say focus the Adc, focus the squishes, but when there is a Juggernaut that is clearly a problem, not only are you focusing almost all your damage onto this one champion you are throwing the game, by the time that one person is dead the teamfight is over because it isn't like the enemy team isn't going to watch you slowly kill their teammate. You can't just run "leeroy Jenkins" into the adc. The Juggernauts also have peel. People complain about ADCs in the top lane, but how else are Juggernauts supposed to be suppressed in the lane and prevented from becoming what feels like a boss fight from the moment they get 2 items? (I don't play adc top lane just so you know...) I find it unfair that Juggernauts are semi-able to run in balls deep and take next to no damage while still being able to get a kill. Anyways I really need an understanding of what I might be doing wrong or get an idea of what I should be doing against Juggernauts as this has always been a problem that has only gotten worst from when I started playing league...
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