Stop picking useless champions.

You go into a ranked game, your top or jungle(i play top VERY frequently myself) so you see that the enemy team has a Morgana and a Warwick what do you pick? 1. Master Yi 2. Riven 3. Yasuo 4. A FUCKING TANK YOU NIT! So many times, in just this week, i'm going into a game, and while i usually play top and pick a tank/juggernaut myself. If i even TRY to go mid, my jungler is usually someone with 0 jungle pressure while my top laner is a carry. Why? Why can't i play mid and get a good team comp like the enemy? For the love of all that is holy, if your team needs a tank, if they need some engage and your top/jungle, that's your job, your support can pick it up too but because of how little gold they get they most likely won't be able to get a good tanky build going that can counter enemy damage. Please, stop picking champions with 0 CC and 0 teamfight potential when the enemy team has A LOT of it already, and don't play jungler's who can't do anything until 6 when the enemy jungler can gank at level 2, you'll just fuck over your team.
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