Why is Malzahar allowed to remain in the state he is?

I don't understand, he's like the safest fucking pick in the game, and has such insane utility (even in competitive, but not as much because it's more coordinated) Flash ult promises a kill in a 2v2 gank with jungle Ult locks down any member he wants unless they have QSS Insane wave clear, which by the way Riot gave him more of when they made his Q refresh the dot FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, LIKE WHY, WHY DID HE NEED THAT? He used to need a little bit of skill to gauge how much damage his dot would do to carry on to minion to minion, now it's just like EW wait a sec, Q, wave is gone. And you're just permanently shoved in the entire laning phase. He also has a 52.5% win rate with a 6.5% play rate, which is actually a really high win rate for such a "simple" champion. He's fucking cancer.

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