It's hilarious that people on this board are upset about "being crowded out" by rengar threads

The irony is tearing me apart. I can't honestly stop cringing at this. You people are guilty of the same exact thing. For the longest time, and still now tbh, you couldn't say anything bad about tanks or mages even when we would be in the middle of a tank or mage meta. Any opinion to the contrary would be voted away and sent to the abyss. And see, I wouldn't mind that but many of us who weren't so biased and more open minded blamed the vote system and current boards setup for this and we'd get rejected and told we were wrong by the very same people. Now someone else is doing the exact thing and you don't like it? Boo fucking hoo, grow the fuck up. This board is free and available for any and all league players to use. It is not "yours" in the first place nor is it your place to decide when a hive mind is fair or unfair. Let's be honest, if this was about a tank instead of an assassin, you people wouldn't say a fucking thing. Grow up.
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