IMO the support item changes are a good thing

No seriously. It is really dumb that the support can make one bad decision that would force an ADC to back, but because they have 2 extra potions + ADC probably popped heal that they can sit in lane as if nothing went wrong. I'm sorry that {{item:2031}} potion takers got nerfed in the process, but for the overall health of the game it was required. IDK but it should say a lot that {{item:2031}} is a viable option on supports. It says just how bad the meta is in bot that you could sacrifice 150g for a dead end item that has almost no influence on the lane where lane influence used to be so big just a few patches ago (I am in no way stating that refillable start was broken or OP, just that it's sad that it could be done because of how strong supports are).
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