How to Counter Illaoi: Mobalytics Counterplay
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Illaoi in her current state feels way too oppressive in lane and can snowball off one simple mispositioning depending on the matchup. A mobalytics guide from 2018 (linked above) boils down too "hide behind minions and do whatever you can to avoid getting hit by her E". A champion that can win any melee matchup with incredible healing, sustain, klepto procs and damage, where her immobility is a non factor once she hits 6 and can easily 2v1 with ult makes her my perma ban. I'm sure there is some advice, but it feels like Illaoi is another example of how unfun and downright toxic the gameplay in top lane can be at the moment. Any advice on how to play against her or suggestions/comments are welcomed but I'm a little exasperated currently.{{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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