Toxic Games

Is this just in low elo? So what I am talking about is you are in a game, you are doing really good and everything is okay. But you have one or two maybe even three teammates who just can't handle their shit. They run down mid and die and then start telling your team to do things with them, which always ends up with you getting punished, whether it is they try to start a team fight that always has your team aced or almost aced, or they call baron but then it's warded. Then you start out playing the enemy team here and there and when you lose that game the 0/3/5 enemy will start talking shit like "LOL YOU WERE SO BAD, GOT FED AND DIDNT DO SHIT YOU SUCK GG EZ" . Then your team tries to report you for losing because it was "your fault" and then it's basically everyone in your game flaming you because either they are salty for getting their asses handed to them or they are salty that they are playing like shit but can't admit it because it's never their fault, must be the fucking carry.

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