The top lane is a champion select role

why do I insta lose lane because I don't have first pick? even if you get countered mid because its a damage focused lane you can still at least stay under tower as it is impossible to freeze lane well mid Like. why do I bother not dodging if am not first pick. its actually impossible to do anything due to how ridiculous the counter matchups are if am a bruiser and the enemy picks teemo or gnar. am fucked. if I pick anything that isn't a tank and the enemy picks pantheon. am fucked. there are other situations. but you get the god damn point. this lane has been like this for 3 years. it has been absolute bullshit. I never seen an adc go "fuck they counter picked me I lose" because the counters are so soft they need a viagra to even be considered. mid lane is a short lane and in jungle you aren't fighting the enemy jungler 24/7 but rather influencing lane so counter picking means SO MUCH LESS. in top lane. here is ranged matchups. that will deny you cs. will poke you out of lane . and will take your tower first and will outscale you. why? because fuck top lane. like my past 3 games. enemy picks wukong. I pick garen. I win. its just as simple as that. its a good matchup. the thing is. you can't go even against counter matchups. its a long lane that is easily frozen. you at minimum will fall behind on creeps and XP. and at that point you're practically out of contention of carrying the game. I pick darius. and guess what. teemo top. I absolutely can do nothing to him. I lose. its that simple. if I am countered mid. I just get some potions and clear minions and run to my tower. fi I do that top 1) its a long lane and its easy to gank 2). its a long lane and is easily frozen for really long time 3) because its a long lane if you're behind and you try to break freeze you will get chased down

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