Riot, I just want you to know how much anger and frustration odyssey missions do.

I've been literally in 20++ games where that one dumbass took more than 2 augments and we had to ff and lose time for no reason. I've dodged like 10 times today, because guess what, different people have different missions. I've lost like 10 2 augs missions in a row. I fucking hate this game mode. As soon as you get all the augments, retarded missions tell you not to use them. Sorry, I can't duo with anyone, because all my friends quit the game this year. Sorry, after 8 years there's no chat room or whatever to duo with a random dude. AND WAS IT THAT HARD TO PUT A BUTTON THAT MATCHES YOU UP WITH PEOPLE THAT HAVE THE SAME MISSION ? WAS IT ????????????? I've never been more angry at some random game mode than this. Good job riot.
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