Watching the best Garen get smashed by the best Trynd is hilarious!

Garen is a bruiser right? Hit very tanky stats right (I'll even ignore the fact Darius has more HP, defences are meaningless regardless and even then Garen has to spend 20 mins stacking them ha ha ha!). And according to this forum Trynd is easy for Garen. Just build bramble amiright? And apparently Garen is a noob champ, right? Smashed in lane phase so badly he struggled to farm without Trynd jumping on him and AA'ing him to death. 1/4 in like 22 mins and his only kill was because Trynd stopped and stood under the tower and gave him a token kill. In fact as 'good' as Riste is he rarely wins top and most of the time succumbs to farming under tower waiting for ganks.......which higher elo junglers actually do whereas low elo ones have a high probably of ignoring a pushed lane (say hello elo hell). Would the best Darius in the world have been bullied like that? Best Riven? Best Renekton? Best Camille? Garen needs a fucking buff!!!!!! I don't care if RIOT nerf his damage hard I really don't just make him the tanky bruiser he always was before the juggernaut abomination! Make it so us garen players can soak up damage again and stay in the fight. Garen should be more like Chogath or Sion or Ornn by his theme not this super-pussy who sits under his bloody tower waiting for the off chance he doesn't have a baboon jungler.
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