Riot is a hypocrite

Champion Roadmap, June 2017 - Nexus - League of Legends
With many people asking about the next " State of Champion Update " blog, I thought it would be good to start doing these more often (and also incorporate new champions, as well). We've got quite a few changes to talk about, so let's get into it.
In this article, if you scroll down to the first break, you'll see a Riot citation: ,, ...we'll start to prioritize reworks based on need rather than on a champion's specific class.''. While I do agree with this policy, it's just isn't the reality. For example, next up the [rework list]( are {{champion:6}} and {{champion:28}}. While Urgot is seriously outdated and doing poorly in the current meta, Evelyn [certainly doesn't]( That being said, I can think of a champion that is ,,in higher need'' of a rework - I present to you a champion that has been released in 2009 (yes 8 years ago), has never been reworked, classified as a Juggernaut yet comletely ignored during the [Juggernaut subclass update]( and doing [extremely poorly]( in the current meta. If we compare these stats to Evelyn's, already at the first glance we can see who's doing worse, and I let that judgement upon to you all. Riot says it's {{champion:28}} , however I obviously disagree, and ask you to tell everyone what would be the criteria that {{champion:36}} doesn't meet?
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