Darius's Bleed damage should be Physical

cause there's nothing magical about bleeding to death. Also is better for game health cause building armor against him would help against the bleed, but his 25% armor ignore would help him. Idk, i just hate laning against dar dar. /update: to those of you complaining that it will be too strong late game, magic damage completely ignores armor and is mitigated by MR. If dar dar's bleed is physical, it will weaker at every part of the game because building armor would negate his entire kit (even if dar dar has armorpen, a small portion will be negated) whereas you could build MR to negate the bleed damage currently, but suffer from the rest of his kit. Another thing: Talon's bleed applies stacks of {{item:3071}} for every tick on his bleed., so dar dar wouldn't be the first to do this.
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