The New HUD is an Absolutely Terrible and Counter-Intuitive Addition to the Game & Here is Why

Firstly, let me start by saying that League of Legends did NOT NEED a new HUD in way way shape or form whatsoever... Secondly, there are numerous design flaws and aspects about the new HUD that actually work to achieve the exact opposite goal Riot had intended with this change (improved clarity & readability). There are many small things about the HUD to take into consideration, but I will just go over a few of the most important points individually and then give a brief synopsis as to why I feel the new HUD is inferior to the old one in every way. 1.) Teammate Unit Frames: This may just be the single most game breaking problem with the new HUD, regardless of all the others. It is important to note how ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL this information. In fact, I would venture to say that your teammate's health bars are thee MOST crucial bits of information on your entire screen. And seeing as how you can not see your teammates directly in your frame at all times, having those health bars well within your vision is extremely pertinent to every action you make with your champion. Previously, the teammate unit frames were located on the left side of your screen, and actually took up a good percentage of the screen itself, making them impossible to miss. This was an excellent spot for them as they ended up being directly inside the beginning of your peripheral vision (meaning: they weren't at the outer rim of your peripheral vision). These health bars being inside my periph, became some what of a tactical necessity for me throughout my countless games of league, as I would constantly use the changes in my ally's health to determine where I would / should move on the map, how / where I should ping or what objective could / couldn't be obtained (etc...) without having to look away from the battle itself. This had become such second nature to me that I actually had commented to my friends many times in game about just how ingrained that was into my decision making in general. Being able to monitor ally health bars AT ALL TIMES without having to look away from what I was actually doing on my screen became a massive influencing factor of my performance in game to say the least. Now, the teammate unit frames are located in the bottom right corner of the screen just above the map, and they are about 1/4 the size that they use to be. I have only played a few games with the new HUD, but this made me feel virtually blind to this information. Their position is now verging on the borders of my peripheral vision (1920 x 1080 monitor), and there is currently no way of enhancing their size or moving them. Not to mention, the player portrait health bar is not even a bar anymore. It is a tiny sliver of green pixels which makes it even more difficult to decipher. How was it seen as a good idea to take the MOST VITAL information on your screen and make it literally the SMALLEST piece of graphic art of the entire HUD? 2.) Cooldown Timers: This, for me, was another one of those "second nature, peripheral vision" kind of things that had become so ingrained into my gameplay that I actually NEVER needed to even look down at my action bar to know when my abilities were coming off cooldown. Now, there is this little blue bubble in the middle of the square button, which is my ability graphic, which also has a number inside the bubble, which also now has more animation. What were you guys thinking with this? The old cooldown timers were perfectly fine. They covered the ENTIRE space of your ability square, and gave a very definitive opaqueness / shade to your ability which was easily distinguishable even from the outer reaches of your peripheral vision. Now, I find myself actually glancing down at my action bar just to look at the cooldown, because there is too much happening inside the square. I can't even describe to you how disgusting of a feeling that is to be forced unwillingly to look away from the fight just to view your cooldown, when you NEVER, EVER had to do that before. 3.) Positioning / Size: This is another very crucial aspect of the new HUD that I find to be incredibly counter-intuitive. All the information is crammed so heavily into one space, that it actually achieves the complete opposite goal you were going for by doing that. You guys decided that you would shove all the most useful bits of information into and on top of the map, which seems like a good idea in theory but actually fails miserably in game. When you are in combat if you have to stare and examine the graphics of your HUD to find a bit of information that previously you could have already seen in your peripheral vision, you are losing precious seconds that could be spent staring more intently at enemy actions or teammate actions in game. The right corner of the screen currently has so much info in it, that you actually need to pick it apart with your eyes and literally ANALYZE it just to read that information into your brain. Any time you clump massive amounts of various bits of information into a small area it actually makes it HARDER for your brain to absorb that information individually, as opposed to having it spread out into perspective locations which your eyes can naturally divert too. Furthermore, scanning across every different corner of the screen periodically, is actually a very healthy movement path for your eyes in a game where your enemies can be coming at you from literally ANY angle. Not sure what was wrong with having DIFFERENT positions for DIFFERENT pieces of information... I understand that you guys were trying to give more space to the field of vision for gameplay, but the problem with that is.. Some people actually like seeing their tactical information MORE then a few extra centimeters of the map. At the very least, you could give us an option to enhance the size of the information we are looking for individually, or simply allow us to move things around on the HUD. That is really not that difficult of a task to accomplish. PLAYERS created add-ons for WoW that allowed them to do this with the HUD many, many years ago. Why would you not offer more user customization with a new HUD roll-out instead of forcing us all to adhere to an immovable and unchanging one? Or... Just let us create and use HUD add-ons in competitive play, and we will show you how to do it. 4.) Synopsis / TL;DR: New HUD doesn't achieve goals Riot set out by making it; Old one was on-point. Edit: I have come to the realization that Riot only responds to "professionally written" posts, so even though I think my post couldn't be more professionally written, I went ahead and removed the two instances where I said "wtf" and "ffs".... Oh, I also said the F word somewhere else. Sorry, that was TOTALLY unprofessional of me. You can now reply to the largest thread on this board, Riot. Thank you!
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