Climbing on a mage right now is like trying to rank up from cashier to CEO at Walmart...

You might as well just go back to college(normals) and learn some business(assassins) cause The current meta is so early game centered that unless you have a heaping pile of cockblock cc like {{champion:45}} {{champion:90}}, prepare to get knocked the fuck out back to your fountain by {{champion:91}} and {{champion:7}}, while they tower dive your botlane and snowball the game. "Sorry bot lane, I couldn't take mid tower when he roamed cause {{champion:35}} is lurking and {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:4}} are down since I just used them when {{champion:238}} tried to rape me a minute ago with Ult and {{summoner:14}} under tower." "Sorry Jungler, I did help you get that first scuttle at level 2 since I poked Zed the first 3 minutes of the game, (the only time I can even touch em) but he's 6 now, so every scuttle is going to the other jungler man, sorry." "And sorry top laner, I know you're feeling good 3-0, but {{champion:91}} is 10-0 from feasting on the blood of our bot lane, and {{champion:5}} has 9 CS per minute from counter jungling and hoarding scuttles, so I wouldn't split push if I were you." Why even put myself through this at all, I might as well just play an Assassin like everyone else who's actually climbing in the mid lane. Let's face it, besides a few exceptions like {{champion:136}} and {{champion:4}} that can roam as hard as the assassins, most mages are dependent on whether their team can win early game for them or stay even, so they can finally justify their pick. Cause in this early roam meta, mages are obsolete.
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