Champ select needs more lock-in requirements

I feel like these measly lock in requirements are just too soft Riot. People still have the audacity to alt-tab out during champ select right now. Everyone knows that if your team misses a ban you're going to 100% lose the game, so it makes sense that the person missing a ban should dodge and lose their promos. However, I feel like people just don't pay enough attention still. I like how they made it so you have to lock your champ even if your pre picked champ wasn't banned. I mean if you can't even be bothered to lock in the champ you already picked you were obviously gonna be AFK the whole game anyway so you deserve to lose your promos. But you should also have to lock in your declared champ at the start or dodge, since if your team doesn't know what champ you plan on picking they don't know what to ban and you'll probably just lose anyway. You should also have to click a "confirm" button before the game starts just to confirm that you've paid attention the entire time and that you are aware the game is about to start. On top of that, there should be a text box that pops up where you have to type the names of all the allied and enemy champs in the order they were chosen. If you fail, you dodge. It should be easy though for those who actually pay attention in champ select. Riot, these changes would greatly increase the amount that players pay attention in champ select and therefore the overall quality of games. And there will be no more of these alt-tabbing douche bags. Thanks, Silvonius

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