Is there any reason to choose Ancient Coin over Frost Queen's Claim?

The original purpose of the support item trio was to complement a champion's kit and playstyle. Targon giving sustain and health for melee supports, Frost giving damage for damage supports, and Coin giving health for passive supports. With the new quest system, Targon and Frost has seen an upgrade however the Coin lineup got reworked and it's quest reward is almost worthless when compared with Targon and Frost. Instead of Coin giving health, it gives a random chance of gold or mana that drops from minions like Thresh's soul mechanic and like Thresh, you have to approach them to receive them. Who is supposed to benefit from this item now? Why would a passive support choose this item now over Frost when Frost gives better stats and rewards all around? The quest reward for Coin, Elixir of Skill, while neat in concept, its poor in execution. Could we perhaps get another quest reward or maybe buff Elixir to where it increases your ult rank by 1 if not already maxed out? And can we please change the passive of Talisman of Ascension's "Point Runner"? Im not saying I dont like Point Runner at all it just that there are multiple items I build that also has Point Runner which makes them a waste of value. Maybe replace the passive to where it increases movement speed by 5%, that increases to 10% when out of combat? I dont know, what do you guys think?
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