Nexus Blitz Feedback

First, I have to say I love nexus blitz. I basically came back to playing League just to play that game mode and having been spamming it since it came out. I like the less competitive atmosphere, shorter game time, and random stuff that can occur. However, I have to say I truly hate the urf deathmatch minigame. It is by far the least fun I've had in this game mode every time it pops up. I realize the minigames are supposed to encourage snowballing but the urf deathmatch just takes it too far. Its the first minigame, so very rarely are games decided at that point, but suddenly after the game one team is up 10 kills, thousands of gold, and have 3 champs on fire. After that, its just getting slaughtered constantly for 4 minutes while they end. It doesn't help that I dislike urf mode in general and don't play champs that are good in urf, so I tend to just lose games on the spot before they even really got started. I love nexus blitz riot, but please leave urf for people who actually like the game mode and don't force it on others.
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