Why are people getting upset over Domination being made more accessable to Mages?

Lots of Mages want Electrocute and some even want Predator. Ultimate Hat is barely used because its overshadowed by the majority of stuff in Sorcery. I'm confused why moving it to Domination to give Mages a better path in the tree is such a terrible thing. Also considering how most people feel forced into Sorcery. No assassin would EVER give up Sudden Impact for it. Like I just really am having a hard time understanding this. Are people missing the point? This isnt a nerf at all. Its a buff to give Mages more options EDIT: Another point I was think is that Ultimate Hat is overshadowed by Manaflow Band. By moving it to Domination, Mages now have access to both. You can take Domination primary or secondary and now have access to both
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