Maybe add a temporary MR steroid to Galio's E?

_On cast, Galio gains X% bonus Magic Resistance briefly, extending the duration if Justice Punch hits an enemy champion._ This effect would serve multiple purposes: - Improve Galio's ability to engage on mages via increased MR when he goes for the engage. - Indirectly enhancing his damage a bit on a successful E by boosting the power of Colossal Smash _(since it scales with bonus MR)_. - A successful engage makes Galio more durable while channeling Shield of Durand _(again thanks to MR ratios)_. Basically a little thing to help Galio do better when played well. Skill expression and whatnot. I mean, if Mundo can have a pretty big MR steroid passively for no thematic reason whatsoever, surely Galio _(the big anti-magic statue)_ can be afforded one that takes a bit of finesse? Also, this next one's a bit of a larger change, but Galio's W passive should really be a grey health mechanic against magic damage rather than a magic shield. It fits the whole "petricite absorbs magic" deal while also giving him a heal for Spirit Visage to amp.
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