Can juggernauts get defense buffs?

Yes, I main juggernauts, so I understand if many of you dismiss this as a bias (as it most likely will contain a bit of bias). However, in current meta, high burst divers and ADCs are meta, which puts juggernauts in a weird situation. Juggernauts will do the same damage as most divers/adcs, but will die stupidly fast even when building defense, with true damage in the game, liandries, bork, so on so forth. Yes, kiting has been and always should be a glaring weakness for juggernauts, but if the enemy slips up they should be severely punished. Juggernauts have the damage for this, however, nearly all juggernauts will die even when this window is exploited, as they will get shredded down by a continuous barrage of either true damage via conqueror, or max hp damage from bork or liandries. It really does suck when you play Darius with aftershock, yet still massively lose trades VS riven, despite canceling her third jump/rushing thornmail. So can juggernauts get some more tankiness to actually survive to dish out damage? Please? Juggernauts are trash the higher you go on elo ladder, so it wouldn't be busted in LCS or such, and it would only help players like me in the middle ground. The only problem might be lower elo, specifically with juggernauts like Darius and Illaoi, but thats fine: it'd help teach players to exploit weaknesses in juggernauts, teach them to kite, teach them to give up CS, and teach them to respect zone (or even rush armor first item if theyre toplaners). Also, buffing defenses in juggernauts might indirectly help sort out toplane, and weed out toxicity such as vayne top or riven top, and make such matchups a niche, instead of a normality. TLDR: Juggernauts damage good: defense is ignorable. Plz buff def so def is not ignorable. tyty.
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