New Karma Rework Not Addressing Any Issues *Meddler*

Meddler, this ridiculous comment needs to be brought to your attention. > > Yeah, I'd agree old, old Karma (pre 2013) went deeper into fights, though even then not as deep as some champs. One of the issues we run into here is that the majority of people playing Karma at this point never played that original version of Karma. If we're making changes using that as guideline of what's desired we're then serving a small subset of the Karma player base ignoring feedback from a lot of others. Reverts on things like that can work a lot better when the change was more recent by contrast and the majority of the engaged audience have experience with the older version. Many years ago, and you know who I am because I have specifically tagged you in almost every thread and had several conversation with you about Karma, I told you would use time as an excuse to never work on Karma. Look what you just said. I told you and everyone that you would use this excuse. You said it and you basically admitted it. Karma's place in this game right now is a result of your work ethic. The champion remains the way she is the past 5 years because of your work ethic. There is friction and confusion between new and old Karma mains because of your work ethic. This entire argument and, another thread, talking about your ignorance towards this champion is a result of your work ethic. After talking to Riot NeuroCat in Discord about Karma, none of her character, art, gameplay and identity problems are being addressed in any capacity. All of these problems are the result of a relaunch (VGU) that is still not accepted by the vast majority of Karma mains and proves in itself with time that it is a massive failure. You continue to sweep the problems under a hypothetical rug and use time and new Karma players as an excuse for nearly anything you do on her. Karma's identity in game is not being addressed with this rework. Karma's art problems and incomplete art assets are not being addressed with this rework. Karma's character and theme is not being addressed in this rework. What is this rework going to do that is going to tackle all of her problems that every single person in your company knows is the 2nd worst VGU/rework in LoL history? The lore retcon for Karma was not received well because of the same mistakes that every Department in your company makes: you give us half arsed work that is not acceptable on any level when you refuse to actually listen to the players that care about the champion and want what is best for the champion. There was a major backlash because of that very reason alone and there is still backlash about her art, kit, and theme for that very reason. You basically said you are aware of the problems but you have to honor new Karma players because they are the vocal majority. News flash, they are the first ones to stop playing her and buying content related to her, because she is no longer meta with her shields and shield enhancing items. News flash, they are the first ones to insult Old Karma players who have always been more accepting of their views on new Karma (not me in particular but other people) but hate on Old Karma players asking for favorite parts of their old champion back. News flash, new Karma players will be the first ones to say she is a support backline champion when 5 years ago Karma was considered a mage and was more successful and fun to play as a mage (backed up by your own Development team 5 years ago). The rework is not addressing problems with Karma: 1) Passive is remaining in place and still feels like a missed opportunity to give Karma an actual direction in this game and to give her a cool theme. 2) Q and Mantra Q is still blocked by minions and the blast explosion is useless. 3) W and Mantra W is not going to give her a direction and it was even stated that it would open Karma up to jungling more. What does this do for her kit, theme and direction in the game? Nothing. It's just another role she can abuse when she has no place in it. 4) Mantra E is probably going to remain the way it is and shield bomb isn't coming back. This will continue to be the ability that dictates how Karma functions in the game, because you want an Enchanter that mass shields and disengage. 5) You will not address Karma's rushed and sloppy model update and the fact that her new and amazing splash arts do not match in game models. She still doesn't have a shield casting and running animation. 6) She will still be ignored, have no direction in this game, be in the same state for the next 5 years, and you will not work on any part of her art or theme. 7) Finally, the most requested thing that the fans want back are her actual fans. Ask NeuroCat . . . that is what they wanted back. They don't want some horribly animated taunt that is on one or two skins. Karma mains want her actual fans back. That's not happening either, now is it? The realization is this is a cover-up and you continue to do what I said you were going to do the past few years: use time as an excuse to never work on this champion and address her actual problems created by the relaunch 5 years ago. None of Karma's problems are actually being addressed. This is just another baindaid fix you are going to say wasn't the actual work you wanted to do on her, but you cannot do anything because of new Karma players. NEWS FLASH! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT AND THE VERY REASON NOTHING CONTINUES TO HAPPEN WITH THIS CHAMPION. You created the division and you are not even owning up to it.
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