Teemo's quality of life issues

Playing as Teemo: Q - The blind doesn't apply to the first attack after the dart impacts, if the attack was animating before the blind applies. This leads to situations where you lose a close duel to a "blinded" auto attack. Blind doesn't stop all skills that are glorified auto attacks, only some. W- Very old feeling skill. No scaling. Doesn't feel impactful. I'm not arguing it's not strong enough or balanced. E-Can't be toggled, which occasionally steals camps, minions, etc. R-This skill feels entirely different at level 11 than 6. The scaling range to toss allows for interesting play later but it almost feels like a different skill after the second rank. A buff to this was done previously but it's still substantial. Playing against Teemo: Q- A very unique CC(now) that arguably isn't pronounced enough, although it's getting better every time they edit visuals. Last patch it finally doesn't look like a normal auto. R- The click area of the shroom is only the shroom, and quite small compared to the trip radius. In high tension situations clearing visible shrooms can still be a gamble if someone makes a slight misclick. Feel free to add to or dispute my list.

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